So last night I had a dream that my mom had died….
It was definitely the absolute worst, but again I believe the dream represented me living in fear maybe, and a new beginning yet again because that’s what death represents in dreams I wonder what it means in real life? Butttttttt it was my sister, Spring, some guy from my twitter ha and a girl from back home idk why they were there . But its like the law of attraction type thing you always wonder how you come up with certain friends but then you realize oh the law of attraction (attracting like minded people into your universe) which I’ve been doing a lot lately . But the basis of the dream we’re in an apartment but I can’t possibly remember where we are? All I know is I start taking things out of my window sill and my sister asks where are you going and I said it’s time to go, she asks me go where? And I told her I didn’t know but I was leaving and Spring said she knew it was time to leave. But what are we leaving and why? I think we were headed to New York and I was trying to get my dog from my papa since my mom had died . Thing is I didn’t accept the fact that my mom had died I couldn’t I kept asking my sister so where’s ma is this real, this isn’t real, because I kept getting calls from my mom on the phone asking me what I was doing and when I asked her she said she didn’t know. I can’t quite put my finger on it but Google here I come . Because there’s so much symbolism that lies within that dream we just have to know and believe our dreams communicate with us. I also remember jumping off a ledge and landing back on the top of the building multiple times. Okay I have to go for now…
Good Morning


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