College Daze

Some days I really question myself about college. It’s like I know there’s a whole world outside of exams, studying, late nights, piles of homework, and even in some cases debt. Really all I’d like to do is travel and write. See new things, meet new people, and learn along the way and write about my experiences. I was contacting some publishing agencies today and just talking to them and learning about getting published and how to get published makes me so angry that I can’t just make writing my main focus. Whenever I tell people I want to be a writer they look at me crazy or as if I had lost my mind or something

“You know writers don’t get paid that much?”

Those type of statements piss me off. I’m not doing it for the money I’m doing it because writing is what makes me happy it’s my outlet to my own world and a way to hide. I look at writing as a way to escape and to build your own world. Being a Pisces we’re already in a dream like state, we fantasize, and practically live inside our minds 90% of the time.. we can’t stand to be here. But some days I feel myself saying fuck school I just wanna live in New York and write, living in an apartment with my dog Kendall. I want a simple easy life. I don’t mind living in solitude I actually prefer it because I see it as a way of growing and learning more about yourself because you shut the outside world out and focus in. All of my friends are artists to a degree it’s either dancing, writing, photography, drawing etc. and I feel we’re all just fed up and over this whole college thing. Don’t get me wrong tho I really enjoy college just for the simple fact I’m constantly meeting new people which is good for networking, I enjoy getting to know some of my professors when I have the actual chance and that’s all I really see college for as a way to network and make connections for the “real world” aka fuck that real world. 9-5 real world, office space real world. Catch my drift? I just feel like if you want something take it! There’s nothing you can or cannot do all you have to do is put your mind and energy to it and it will happen. I’m really a firm believer in manifestation you know the whole “your thoughts become things” I don’t care what anyone says that is real. Most of the time people don’t really go after what they want because of what somebody has said or what they told themselves, and doubting themselves. Don’t you know the Universe is always listening? So that means we have to be careful what type of energy we send out into the universe. what you send out is what you will receive and it’s really that simple which is why I feel like if you want something go for it, I feel as if most people don’t because they don’t know the power they possess we are all one (all of creation) connected to the Universe. So basically what I want to leave you guys with is just to remain positive and always surround yourself with positive vibes and people. Never let any fear or doubt reside in your Universe and believe nothing,entertain possibilities. Know that nothing is ever out of your reach and the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourselves. Make this experience the best one yet!


good night! 🙂


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