I opened my 3rd eye today. and it was unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced. It started with me playing with this rubix cube and as I was playing with it I realized I had figured out the design just not how to get each side to match just yet. Then out of nowhere my eyes closed and my head titled back… it had happened I begin to see the diamond symbol everywhere. Earlier I was looking at a flower and seeing all of the geometric patterns in the plants and seeds. So when my eyes were closed I seen colors, and shapes. How the diamond was in almost everything I laid my eyes on I just seen it. I thought it was pretty weird because this is something that’s never happened before so I thought I was imagining it. a couple days prior to today I was told today would be a good day and I broke down the date and received understanding. Only I didn’t know what I was understanding until this very moment. I seen it all–like it just hit me. This is what I had been waiting on and I looked into deeper context of my zodiac and my opposite which is Virgo. I wish I could explain my whole experience with you but until you have an experience of your own you simply will not get it..


read and learn about the science in our universe


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