Hip Hop is not Dead!

Yesterday I attended this Hip Hop panel out of curiosity, and extra credit. I’m not saying i’m an Hip Hop expert but got damn it i’m getting pretty close. One thing i’d like to say before I go further into detail is I noticed how mainstream Hip Hop is what’s tearing us further and further away from our roots. The white man knew Hip Hop had an huge impact over our lives and just about everyone listens to Hip Hop it is a Universal art form. It’s in our culture. But they are also aware that you eventually become what you listen to. Mainstream Hip Hop isn’t and I quote mainstream isn’t Hip Hop it’s a controlled industry by the white man to keep us as slaves. Hip Hop when it first came on the scene was about political and economic injustice, it was a way for us to grab our brothers and sisters attention and make them really aware of what’s going on in the world. Carrying on, there are two major things that stuck out to me and let me know some of us are blinded, and not really learning our history when it’s out there! We just have to dig and find it. The first of the topics was degrading women in Hip Hop and by degrading they mean the twerking, dancing etc. The next topic we landed on was that there are no conscious hip hop artists which are both false assumptions. Firstly, in Africa, Jamaica, or anywhere you see our sisters and brothers music, dance, and ritual have always been a prevalent thing in our culture. But some girls from the panel were saying how they thought hip hop now degraded women and I guess they felt offended by it but if you go to Africa, Jamaica, and anywhere with people of color sexuality, and dancing has always been a very open thing. It wasn’t until we got to America (land of conservative Christians) did we see sex, and dancing as an offensive thing and I guess “degrading”. We’re all brought up in America (Americanized) taken away from our roots. Growing up in America we were taught that women should always be passive, we aren’t allowed to be sexually open, be involved in politics, or even have a voice (this is where my true feminist side starts to show). Which is all bullshit but I’m getting beside the point. I view sex as a sacred thing because that’s my preference but, I do not see any reason why a woman shouldn’t be allowed to explore her sexual desires/fantasies. But back to the dancing I raised the point of dancing provocatively, and being sexually open is actually a very common thing in other countries, and our motherland continent Africa so how can dancing and showing the world you’re sexually open be degrading see what I’m saying? I didn’t agree with that at all. I just think if any of us are going to speak on something then we should know everything about the topic and looking back at our roots before we’re so quick to call it degrading. The second topic was there are no conscious artists that kind of threw me for a loop because there is so much underground “conscious artists” the east coast where conscious hip hop emerged is actually coming back and it’s beginning to become widespread again. There are artists like Joey Bada$$, his collective group ProEra, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers that I can personally think of but then there are also other conscious artists like Dizzy Wright, Ab-Soul, Hospin, Earl Sweatshirt, Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, Big K.R.I.T., Kevin Gates, and Rapsody. I didn’t hear any of those artists named and I thought it was crazy. But I guess it just depends on the person and what people want to hear these days if they want to hear that watered down shit they call Hip Hop they can have but I just encourage everyone to look at all the underground scene. Hip Hop is not dead it’s coming back Alive and will be here forever more. We must not let Hip Hop die! Let’s support our artists!



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