“Hip” to be knowledgeable

So, I have to tell you guys about last night and what an experience it was for me! I went to this event last night it’s called BSPOT it’s held by BSAC the Black Student Awareness Committee. And the theme was the Black Experience “Being Black in America”. When I tell you guys it was a room filled with love… IT was a room filled with L.O.V.E. Basically what it is, is a showcase of talent, we had dancers, rappers, spoken word artists, and singers. The thing that I’ve always come to realize is all artists who talk about something with some substance are always conscious. It just seemed like a celebration of our culture in one room. Everyone expressing themselves so beautifully you know telling one another to be beautiful in your skin and to love who you are to and most importantly know yourself. Knowledge is definitely infinite and that is something nobody can take from you. We must love ourselves and we must want to know who we are.  It was really an unbelievable experience and I only hope to see more and more, I was getting all upset because this is probably my last semester in Birmingham and I love the art scene but what I failed to realize is I’ll always attract like minded people so the school I go to in the fall in Ohio I already know I am going to meet some dope artists. So I am not worried. All I can say is that I was so inspired. So I will be writing even more poetry.


Have a great day!


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