Morning Thought

You know there’s really no difference between the 60s and now. In the 60s everyone knew who the target was, and again! It is obvious who the target is. I never understood how anyone could love a country that doesn’t want us here. Last night I happened to be on Tumblr and boom! There it was Akai Gurley (28) an unarmed black man coming down the steps in an apartment building and shot by a police officer. The NYPD has had a long list of killing off unarmed black men. But now this has me thinking so hard. Are they trying to take our eyes off of Ferguson?! Because they know the uproar soon to come after the case. It’s just so funny to me the day they announce that the grand jury may come to a decision Beyonce drops a new video and another innocent black man is killed. I would say that’s a distraction but nobody is hearing me.


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