New found craft

So, I never really took myself as the singing type but today it happened. I was listening to Woods by Willow and I was like I’m going to write a song I know I’m not like a beast at singing but I feel like I got a little bit going on. So what I realized as I was writing I just wanted to write actually how I felt I just wanted to live right in the moment and out of nowhere I kept reciting the lyrics and boom it happened I felt the emotions pouring out into the lyrics as I was singing. And I immediately felt like I wanted to share with everyone. I feel like I want to touch peoples lives and take singing serious. I feel like it’s easier to sing versus actually just reading my poetry aloud to people. I wasn’t so shy and nervous. So I actually put it on IG, and FB to get feedback. Eventually I want to start recording and using my sound cloud to share my music and support other artists, I would of never actually seen myself as a singer and that’s crazy as hell to me. But whatever, I just want to express myself and if I like it then that’s all that matters I just wanna sing for myself and if people like it then they like it (I don’t have a problem with it either way). But I guess I wanna start taking music seriously, and I want to finish school. So uhm this is about to get interesting. Give me a year or two. I’m going to start making the right moves. I always thought I’d be a rapper or some shit but nope I really like singing. I’d definitely say as I get better I want my sound to go in the category of Neo-Soul/Folk Blues. Yeah I lowkey just created my own genre lmfao. But man yes just wait on it. I should be studying but now I wanna keep writing music.


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