A new piece eye finished

A piece eye just finished :
I felt empty…
As if I had nothing left,
Had I fallen into despair?
Yet that’s not what I intended
So I kept quiet and followed the road less attended
Love had its funny way of creeping up on me
But I dwelled in so much uncertainty it seeped through all my insecurities
I wondered how someone so beautiful could choose me
Like Lucy in Wordsworth’s poetry
I was unseen
When love found me I wanted to jump off the planet
Love is so beautiful how could I not panick?
I felt like this thing “Love” I had to get it right
Watched Lady Sings the Blues and Love Jones every night
I wanted to learn everything there was to know about “Love”
In fact I knew it was much more than kisses and hugs
I begin to notice the twinkle in a lovers eye
That impatient sigh because the very thought of you is what they carry inside
As lovers parted ways you could sense the longing of them wanting to be in one anothers embrace
Which is when I begin to realize love was never truly a race
With love eye knew eye had to take my time eye didn’t want to end up like Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Eye knew love is something eye wanted so eyed never let the idea of love entering my universe die
Eyed fall off a cliff even if it brought me closer to you because that is true paradise
I’m growing to love you more and more each day
Eye knew eye was all for you because eyed love you in a place where there’s no time and space
Your love is like poetry
And eyed be a fool to let anyone take that away…


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