Answers Please?!

Is a person ever truly happy alone? Are we too young to be serious?

I was in the shower and all these thoughts came rushing in. My grandparents on my moms side were married once upon a time but they divorced and they both haven’t remarried. One thing I found interesting well what I am curious about is do they ever get lonely? I recall once my grandma said she liked the way her life was. She’s single, owns her own condo, retired now, goes to the gym, you know she’s pretty comfy living and I guess maybe if you have hobbies you really aren’t lonely? But then again I think maybe you get lonely you just might not want to go down that road called love. Maybe it hurt so much, but then again my grandma isn’t the most affectionate woman some people just aren’t as giving with their emotions so shutting love out of her life may have been enough? But what’s also funny is my papa he’s not affectionate either he has one true love which happens to be music and he’s still holding on to that dream of becoming a well known musician and that’s enough to keep a person satisfied in my opinion. It’s just when I look at those two I only hope I don’t end up alone my mother is single as well and you guessed it she’s not very emotional either. Opening up and being honest with your emotions is such a hard thing if it’s something you never grew up around. Too much love and affection makes me kind of uneasy so sometimes it may come off as if I don’t care when in fact I really do I’m just not the best at showing it. But I believe with the right person and time it gets easier when you become more in tune with your emotional side.

Which brings me to my next question, are we too young to be so serious when it comes to relationships? In my personal opinion I used to think so but not really anymore. Simply because we are in college, doing things that will impact our futures, and or making life changing decisions everyday. So to find the person you may actually want to spend your life with isn’t such a bad thing to me. I have a friend whose mom thinks that she’s too young to be romantically involved with her boyfriend and too young to get a promise ring because she has her whole life ahead of her. But what if that’s her soul mate? And what if she misses out on something great if she listens to her mom? I know some parents do things out the goodness of their hearts because they want to protect their children but if you are in love and it just so happened earlier then others I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to love I just feel like you know when you’ve met the right person no matter the age. Tyler always says “I think I just found love too early” and even in Big K.R.I.T.’s song he talks about how he thinks he found love too soon. And then again I was just talking to a few of my peers on twitter and they all agree with us not being too young sometimes you just know, and then there is some people in our generation who just may be too damn young to handle a relationship or maybe it just depends on the person? And if they’re willing to go there with you?

Either way Love is a beautiful thing and I don’t think anyone should turn away from love, just let it happen and roll with it. Be comfortable, be happy, be willing to grow, be willing to help and watch your partner grow. Those are some of the things I’ve learned from personal experience and people around me. If something no matter what brings you back to the same person over and over again no matter how hard you try to fight it I just think it’s meant to be and you should just let it happen. Sometimes I feel as though some of us are just really afraid of what other people may think, and what we think about ourselves because love can make us do some crazy things and I honestly believe we’re the shielded generation we’ll run before we get hurt we stopped fighting for what we believed in and I only hope that we can just get back to loving one another we’re not here for too long so you might as well live your experience to the fullest with the soul who latched on to yours. Its a beautiful thing and everyone’s soul mate awaits them somewhere.


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