Real Thinkers .

This whole weekend I realized how distant I am from everybody. But it’s not even intentional i’m going through something and I just wish that it were happening to more people around me. I think to myself is this all just an illusion? I can’t sleep, think, forcing myself to eat and music is the only thing keeping me sane. I just find myself questioning everything. Everything in this world is fake it’s not real. I just want to open everyone’s mind to new things and possibilities I want people to see this matrix the way I see it. Why . Is all I keep asking why do people think this is it? How do you accept this as your reality and see nothing further than this? Do you know what they do to us? Poison our food, water, everything we consume is toxic tv, mainstream music everything. Everyone should see John Carpenters “They Live”. This is just me going on a rant so none of it will make sense. Symbolism everywhere how come no one catches it? Conscious Revolution thats what we need. We need more people thinking we need more people seeking enlightenment, we need more people hungry. But nah some just rather be a fucking zombie. It really angers me more than anything but whatever. I don’t like writing mad.


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