This ain’t ’13

I remember being at home on break for the holidays last year and it wasn’t this cheerful, to be honest we all had to be depressed. My mom had moved to Georgia last summer you know a fresh start? She had always wanted to live there so she finally did, actually the day after our graduation party that whole day was emotional I don’t really talk to my dad so I rely on my mom more than anything so to me it’s like my whole world was leaving me and I was headed to college in the fall! (of course I saw her before I left, but I only got to spend one day with her it sucked) and I didn’t get to see my siblings all summer Nique (my sister) was going to Clark-Atlanta Univ. and me I was headed to Stillman in Tuscaloosa, AL so we were not going to be together I’m telling you when I got dropped off at school Nique and I broke down crying it was horrible because Nique is my other half really without her I am not whole so that was weird. But carrying on it gets to winter break and I see my mom I’m telling you I didn’t even recognize her because you could see how unhappy she had been but I’m telling you she lights up when she sees us. And that’s when she told me she had been depressed and unhappy she was crying all the time and she felt as if she had made a bad move. She had a decent job but the hours sucked! We barely ever seen her even my little brother didn’t and at the time my mom had my little brother on that ADHD medicine so he was like a zombie it was just really different I didn’t like it. And the other thing is she had no furniture in her apartment except for in her room, my little bros room, and kitchen stuff so you guessed it when my sis and I came home we all slept in my moms room. Lol all of us I slept in bed with my mom, kendall (my dog slept at the bottom of the bed) Nique slept on a air mattress on the floor, and my bro slept on another one it was like a big slumber party every night because that’s when we’d see my mom. She went into work at 4pm and came home at about 1-2am every night and we’d stay up with my mom all night and slept until she had to be at work i’m telling you it was cool because we had each other but honestly who wants to live like that? So Christmas had came and my mom had to work i’m telling you my mom cried because she couldn’t afford to get Nique and I anything but I saw it as, as long as Izaia (my little bro) had gifts to open it was okay. That’s when she made a promise that she would make sure we wouldn’t suffer like that this year. So Spring Break comes and I get to go home to Ohio because my mom was moving back to Ohio she couldn’t take it. She had interviews lined up and everything when she got back she was not playing. So long story short my mom moved into an apartment and it has furniture she was so excited when she got the furniture I was happy for her she’d worked so hard! And well under the tree are a lot of gifts. I don’t even care about the gifts I’m just glad to see my mom truly happy you know? Because she deserves it and I’m so proud of her she’s a strong woman I honestly don’t know how she does it, it’s really crazy to see a woman with so much strength and beauty I love my mom and I am truly thankful to have her in my life.

Happy Holidays Everyone!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


2 thoughts on “This ain’t ’13

  1. ~REBECCA DAWN~ December 25, 2014 / 9:44 am

    Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful new year!

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    • lone94 December 25, 2014 / 3:04 pm

      Thank you! And may you have a Merry Christmas as well!! 🙂

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