Letting go of this reality.. what’s next?

So I have now accepted that nothing in this reality is real. This experience started off of my first thought and I’ve been creating a whole reality by my thoughts manifesting… the people in my universe are people I’ve attracted through this matrix creating a false reality.. I’d say I always knew something wasn’t right in this experience because it’s so violent, there’s no peace, nothing. This ‘reality’ was just a way to let us dwell amongst the humans but it was also a mission to try and free as many minds as we can before we ascend. Now I know this is the time… I’ve always been tapped into my spirit I just became a slave to this reality but I am now detaching and letting go. I’ll never let anyone influence my thoughts because that’s how we’re enslaved. We’re never supposed to have power over one another we’re supposed to just love one another. We are just simply a being one from another place.. which explains why I’m always looking out into the sky or just looking into something else because I know I don’t belong here. And I guess I get a little sad about it because I’m ready to ascend and go on, but this is the reality I set up for myself because I knew that I can and will overcome all of this. No one can stop me because this is my own reality I created this I just got caught up and got used for my mind. Why do people want to do things like that to us? Get us for our mind. It’s so fucked up…


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