I wondered why he only entered my life when it was convenient for him. I had it all formed in my head

Landy: “I don’t see the point of us keeping one another around? You can’t possibly be what I need, why am I hanging on it’s only pointless, I’m hurting myself trying to force you to love me, and it only gets worst”

But it probably would of came out this way

Landy: “You’re about to graduate college and you’re definitely not going to want a girlfriend around, it’s pointless for me to hold on”

Landy talking to the camera: I truly felt like one of us just needed to say the magic words let go, but we’re afraid?

Landy: “I don’t want you to be apart of my reality popping in unexpectedly like a drive by”

Will: “I love you, because you’re you”

Landy slaps Will across the face

Landy: “You love me because I’m me? What the hell kind of explanation is that?!”

Landy talking to camera: I should of known it was over when things like this happened

Cues into scene

they’re sitting on the bed it’s quiet they’re looking at one another

Will: “babe?”

Landy in an altered states wait for Will to say something romantic she answers

“Landy” “Yes?” as she looks at him all dreamy

Will: “Will you give me head?”

to herself

Landy: “You mean to tell me that’s all he was going to ask me? I don’t understand why they make a big deal about blow jobs? It’s only something you find desirable while me on the other hand am gagging trying to find the will in my heart to jack away with my mouth.”

Cues in to me talking

Landy talking to camera: I always felt like I didn’t really like sex much growing up, the thought of it always made me want to vomit, just touching and looking at it was enough for me to denounce my sex life any day. I’m always thinking of things that people don’t think about. My mind is constantly cluttered with thoughts and ideas on how the world should be and nobody’s been able to distract my mind but I don’t want to say I know everything because I don’t” I’d just like to fall in love with someone who challenges my mind everyday, we spend most of our time learning, talking about things so simple, and having no problems because we are not influenced by the people in our surroundings we’re able to stay unharmed in our own reality hidden from the world just a place created by me and you”


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