Tonight .

So I realized I had fell asleep but when I woke up I felt completely different the room felt different the vibe and the energy. I realized I was vibrating at a higher level than I usually do (I felt like I just smoked a blunt) when I’m in my normal frame of mind. I was able to see myself through my own eyes for the first time and it was weird I saw what I let emotions do to me so unhappy but why? There’s so much more to life than being upset. I guess because I’m letting go of old feelings and it’s been tearing me up on the inside…. I wasn’t letting go of the old feelings so I kept forcing myself to go through the same thing over and over again until I realized what had actually been holding me back… but I see now that I must move on and let go of the old and let the new into my life which makes perfect sense at this point… I can’t keep expecting this to go away on it’s on I have to face my problems it won’t be hard but it wont be easy either.


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