Yesterday is gone?

So guys I have to tell ya’ll about my experience! Yesterday was just a beautiful day. Firstly I figured out that the best way to live your life is by believing in nothing. I feel like man has searched in math trying to find the idea of existence or God. Right? But math is infinite so how the hell would you even start? I feel like it starts with a balance and somehow we got separated from our balanced out self. So you have a -+ . We know that two negatives make a positive. I’ve been trying to figure out why that is. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Like Astrology, Yin and Yang. Okay so my cousin and I got into an argument (not going into detail) but

poem inspiration

Just sitting here… on soundcloud the usual

thought back to when my sister and I were at a party and we said how we’re always in our own worlds when we go to parties like we’re so different and my sister is like “what the fuck?” Like “what the fuck?”

why are we so different and I’m like we remove ourselves from their world as if we’re on a higher vibration already and we just didn’t even know it HA! opposites attract!! Insecure but we’re actually the opposite of insecure we just don’t realize it. We always have people walking up on us like are you guys okay.

This also frustrated me I was uhm looking up Plato and it was explaining that at his school on a sign let no one ignorant of geometry enter and math was taught as a section in Philosophy. It’s righteously a revolution going on a conscious, religious, and race revolutions going on Back to something else that was cool that happened when I went outside (when I was angry) I was cooling off and had to tell myself to relax and chill and balance my energy out and asked to be filled with positive energy so I did that and I was standing by a dull lamp post the minute I begin feeling positive the light in the lamp post came completely on I wasn’t even tripped out I was happy about it. And I don’t see that as bad People automatically assume just because you’re not reading from the bible and following religion you’re evil. Like what!? I’m evil because I want to expand my mind and learn something? What the hell kinda shit is that!? I refuse to limit myself I’m going to be open to as much knowledge as I possibly can. The Ancient Knowledge. As above So below . That’s my rant for the night. I love you all 🙂


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