Last Night..

So for some reason I can’t escape the thought of whatever is plaguing me isn’t going to stop until I face it. Remember not to long ago I expressed how I felt I was crossing people over in my dreams? Well what I’ve come to know about dreams is that those are actual events happening in another dimension with our higher self. Don’t let that frighten you it’s only the truth! 🙂 But back to what happened last night I was sleeping and I woke up out of nowhere and I felt strange energy in the room once again but its never a bad feeling/presence. So I was reading something earlier telling me to open my heart because the truth lies within all of us we just have to access it and tune into our higher self and listen to what we are trying to tell ourself it’s important to live in balance. But okay i’m rambling so I opened my heart and you wanna know what was said to me? Well let me say this before I opened my heart I asked to receive my spiritual gifts I have a few and I’m learning how to control two the biggest one I know I have is being able to perceive beyond this realm. So when I opened my heart I was told that I can see people who have died and I do indeed help them on their way to the other side and then this girl I knew from my childhood popped up in my mind well get this she died like maybe 1-2 months ago and I was told that they know who killed her and my help will be needed to solve her murder. Do you know I tried my hardest to resist I think I heard her talking to me last night it sounded far away but I begin to grow scared I turned up the tv and ignored it I was afraid. And it also got me to thinking if that was her I saw the other day when I was walking Kendall I saw a blue orb and I read that blue means calm so it’s not like I wouldn’t of been in any real danger. But now it all makes sense I used to have the biggest fear of death I had a dream my mom died once, my sister, Kendall (my dog). But at the same time I’m so fascinated with death. I remember being a little girl and like every Sunday this show would come on it was a woman host and it would be a bunch of stories about people’s loved ones getting in contact with them from the other side me as a kid watching things like that was that even normal for a girl my age? I love horror films ever since I was a child I’d watch them by myself in the dark no fear. And i’m always looking out into somewhere always. So I completely lost my Tran of thought I was on the phone. I’ll be back when I get it together! Lol


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