Fear and Doubt .

So I was thinking to myself about how bad I want to get published this year and how I will get published this year. I believe everyone has it in them to do great they just put their beliefs in the wrong place instead of believing in themselves they believe in God or something. I don’t ever wanna be the person to put my beliefs on anyone but my earth sisters and brothers have to wake up and realize their true potential. If you think a man in the sky is going to accomplish all your goals you are sadly mistaken but i’ll never push anybody away from something they believe in you know. I just feel like we need to start believing in ourselves and tapping into our true potential and overcoming self doubt and fear. What I came to realize is in order to conquer our fears we have to face them. Can’t anybody do that but us. Tap into our higher selves and vibrate higher preferably in the 5th dimension where nothing but love, happiness, harmony, and joy reside. I just felt the need to be a little inspirational this morning because I was in a bad place but I meditated and now I’m perfectly fine. So yeah guys. lol have a good day!


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