Romance .

I realized I love Romance everything about it. I love simplicity and how easy it is to fall in love with another person. I love the beauty in the act. I love sadness, I love emotion, I love vulnerability, I love honesty… I love all the things that sort of make me who I am. I’m rambling and just thinking to myself. The movie Beginners is like the best thing that ever happened to my life. Filled with so much pain and emotion it’s beautiful it’s lively. And I just wanna talk about myself for a moment because that’s okay and I never do. I think about everything and I try to make it beautiful. I try to associate myself with as much feelings as possible… more like to feel that emotion. I was thinking to myself as I watched the movie Tiny Furniture it was a scene where she asked her younger sister if she was a virgin or not and to be honest I just don’t think i’ll ever be a sexual person. Me and sex are weird together. I can watch it because I find the act itself beautiful but when it comes to me and the act I’m uh shaky, grossed out, or completely uninterested.. I wondered why that was? Still don’t really know why but does it even matter? I want to start over with a friend of mine, and make friends with a lot of people. Life is actually pretty beautiful and solid right now. Living it the way I want to. Okay… rambling again.


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