Out with the old…

So I wrote down on a piece of paper all the things that I didn’t want to be tied to anymore all the old feelings, attitudes, thoughts, people, and etc. and at 12am I stood under the full moon and burnt the piece of paper with all the old things I wanted left behind and thanked the divine. It’s funny because last night I dreamed about one of my dreams I want to accomplish. I know that I’m so close to my dreams and accomplishing them and that makes me feel good. I’m done dealing with negative people, vibes, fear, and all the things that can hold you back as a person. This year none of that will follow me, I’m making sure of that and the other thing is yesterday I smoked and I was one with my higher self and I told the universe exactly what I wanted and today I’ve been nothing but positive and happy. But I just wanted to shed some light and just share my experience as I am on my journey to becoming one with the universe. This is a beautiful place and I feel like we should all enjoy life and be happy live on one accord, embrace nature, live in harmony, and just be one. I feel my vibration getting higher and higher. And I hope yours will eventually to! Namaste


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