Usually i’m  surrounded by lots of people and know that they don’t understand me but they try so hard. I always thought it was weird how I can see something and nobody else see it. I read people a lot So that kind of tells me what I need to know about someone. I get an idea for a character when I watch people in my waking life, or what I see in movies. But what sucks is that I haven’t had much exposure to be able to capture moments I wish I were capturing. So I’m usually dreaming about it and not making it happen when I know that I can. But I feel like I’m putting the right pieces together in my life to make it work in my favor. I can say I’ve been really patient with everything going on around me even when I feel like I’m at my lowest state. Righteously living off of a couch right now. A couch, hope, and a dream. But that just only pushes me to go even harder. I know that everything I’m going through is only temporary which is why I am not sweating my current situation it will pass because I can make it pass… My life will go the way I want it to go because I am in control of my life, it’s important that we realize that key aspect and continue to love, live free, and enjoy this life experience while we can you know? I tried so many images and fronts and realized I just cant fit in for anything I will always be an outsider but thats okay like Soul said “I always thought I was an outsider maybe i’m an insider.” I see my dreams happening right before my eyes like RIGHT before my eyes just ready to jump into that reality. I’m getting closer and closer definitely planning ahead. The signs have been there all along I just wasn’t paying attention.


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