First of all let me just say how grateful I am to be living and enjoying life! It is a truly beautiful gift from the divine creator and I can’t help but feel all warm inside when I say that! 🙂 Well as you all know I’ve been out of school and working.. At first I saw this as a negative thing and I was hating it, hating my life and everything. It’s like everything fell down on me and I had no way of finding myself out I was truly living in hell not to say that the worst isn’t over but I’d say I’m pretty close to coming through the storm. I didn’t know what my plan was going to be and what I’d even want to do but since I’ve been smoking a lot more staying connected to my higher self it has definitely helped me. I understand that all the changes occurring in my life are happening for the better in order to help me grow- this was like a test of faith or something because I swear I felt like I was at my lowest point but now I have a clear head I have so much clarity in my life I can’t believe it’s even happening to me. Seriously the people I’ve met along the way, the material I’m grasping, and all of my spiritual encounters there’s no way this didn’t happen for a reason. What I have to say is when life throws you in a maze stay strong and keep a positive outlook on life you seriously won’t regret it. I think what I am most grateful for is being so young and feeling as though I had a chance to start over and get things completely right this time. It was like life seen the way I was headed and they decided to step in and help me out and I am so grateful that it did but I can’t give life or the creator all the credit the change started within me first. One thing that was brought to my attention though is that people have been telling me I changed and at first not believing in myself I thought what was happening in my life was negative it was bad when in all actuality it is not! I am here for the greater good and I will not stop until I don’t have any fight left, I want to try and save humanity and spread the love and peace amongst the human race, it is important to thank the divine creator, universe, and your higher self for the chance to experience life, grow, create, empower, inspire, and influence!! Raise your vibrations and keep a positive attitude, namaste!! 🙂


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