From birth I’ve always felt like I’ve known it all… I just knew there was more which is why I have always been searching for the answers. I just feel like the path I am on has set me up for greater things to come my way. Right now I feel as if I’m the lowest of the low on the bottom of the food chain and I am not. Physically yes but mentally no that’s why I am so hard to understand nothing about my physical is changing its all a mental thing my mind is opening up to more and more information. I think life should be filled with knowledge, love, truth, music, dance, ritual. A Utopian one. I don’t know just thinking to my blog I was just sitting on the floor downloading an album on itunes, I finally ordered some books to. I just put important things first. Anyways I’ll be back later lol! I get two days of work off so that means I have down time to write and relax. This is supposed to be a full time thing but thats impossible when you have a full time job and I hate blogging from my phone it’s ridiculous.


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