Heaven on Earth?

In order to be really truly happy you have to do whatever it is that makes you happy. I was just Thinking about all my friends and how they were and how I was when we all met and came together. We were all frightened… I think thats what it was that brought us together. We’re all our own unique persons and maybe we were frightened to be who we are in a world where everybody around us is the same. How do you tell a kid they can’t be themselves because they’re constantly told to act a certain way around the public… Like why does that even matter? I think being conscious is having the ability to express yourself freely, using your imagination, and literally living out all of your dreams and realities. There’s nothing wrong with that and I feel as if that’s the fault in this society we can’t accept one another so we separate ourselves with race, class, and religion. Mr. West’s interview has really put a whole new positive perspective into play although, lately myself I’ve separated away from race and just let it go. We are all the same yet we are, our own unique individuals but race, class, and religion is not the force that divides us. That’s why I say it’s important to express yourself, and live freely, and to start forming your own opinions. Challenge people, ask questions, and really think about things! Don’t let anybody’s opinion be your opinion and look from everyone’s perspective the best way that you can. Just simply be your own person in a world that seems so chaotic because eventually things will start looking up, you’ll meet like minded people and change the way you perceive things! You are ultimately in control and everything you send out and surround yourself with will eventually become your new reality.


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