Sunset : The Internet

So I was just cleaning up some of my stuff haha my corner in that far side of the closet… (Not so funny just yet, but eventually it will be haha). But I just bought a board so I can make a vision board more so of where I’d like to see myself this year and years from now. I was listening to music actually Wolves by Kanye West, Vic Mensa, Sia it’s such a good song really like really good!! But I was thinking how I can’t wait for this time to pass because I so need my own space!! There’s so much creative shit I wanna do and I value my space so much but the problem is I don’t have any right now and I can’t really do what I want to do and that makes me feel a little annoyed but I know this hard time is coming to an end so I’m not even going to trip about it 🙂 I’m an artist and I just really value my space and people take that as a bad thing when its not I just really enjoy being alone… Anyways today has actually been pretty well watching movies with my mom and sister AND dun dun dun drum roll….. I didn’t go to work because of the snow!!! Soooooo grateful for that because really that place drains the life out of me… it’s like my constant reminder “Uhn uhn Loneesa this isn’t for you.” My grandpa told me once working makes you realize the type of job you don’t want to have and I can honestly say that! I know that I do not want to work for anybody at all. I think about my life a lot and I see it exactly how I want to see it nobody can really tell you how your life is going to go well…… only if you let them! I’ve learned that I can’t really let anybody get in the way of my happiness and to find the good in any situation and to push forward and to never let anybody even family, friends, and love ever get in the way of your happiness. Especially when it comes to the love part I feel as though if it’s real then it will definitely come back to me. I was up last night thinking about the love of my life and I love him so very much very much and I don’t see us being separated for long it was like I was given a heavy amount of hope and knowing it’s weird how things like that come to you at such late hours in the day… Maybe those latest hours are the hours of truth???


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