Butterfly Effect

If anybody ever asked me what I wanted to do I’d always say I was going to change the world and whenever I would tell people that they acted as if the whole idea was impossible or it couldn’t be done. I honestly think it’s a very possible thing! If everybody were to be a lot more positive, trusting, loving, and caring to one another and stopped listening to what we are told we could co create the perfect reality. It almost reminds me of the scene in the movie The Rebirth of Buddha when the man who was impersonating Buddha was telling everyone they’d die if they didn’t follow him because he conjured up this fake storm and everyone started believing him which made the storm seem as if it was actually happening and then the main character (I forgot her name) she was given a gift and she was telling everybody not to believe what they were hearing it was a lie and eventually people started listening to her and the storm passed over and everybody lived. With that said we are all one we’ve just been separated. We need to stop believing in separation start acting as if we’re one big team again forget labels, brands, material things all of that does not make us who we are and the sooner people realize that the better off society will be. It almost makes me feel sorry for people who don’t have an open mind because they are so focused on being separate all of their lives I dunno it just seems so wrong to be so hateful especially at a time like this.  feel and sense so much good going on in the universe and sometimes that makes me feel as if I’m a messenger like ever since my spiritual journey started. It’s funny my friend posted a question in the group me the other day : “What’s your motivation?”

I never answered in the group me but I did to myself, I think what motivates me the most is my will and desire to want spread consciousness amongst my peers. I live for that like I said I feel as if i’m a messenger so there’s no surprise that I am a writer, and I only want to continue to learn more about the ancient knowledge and ancient civilizations call me crazy but I see those two as a way to find the answers and even begin to try and learn and figure out how we lost our way. But really the only way we’re going to make this planet a better place is if we continue to believe in all of the good that is still out here! I know my posts lately haven’t really been how they used to but these are just some thoughts I feel as if I should get off my chest you know? Lately I’ve just been even more quiet than I usually am, more drawn in, and closed off but its for the good sometimes I just feel like I still don’t have people to talk to and they just don’t get me which is totally fine because we’re always going to feel like nobody understands us on our spiritual journeys and maybe nobody is supposed to? It’s just something we have to figure out on our own which is why expressing yourself is always the right go to move.


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