In Season?

I believe we all have that dark place where we run and soak; a place where we can be completely vulnerable without overwhelming ourselves with the idea that crying makes us weak… I can start a cry and quit right before I’m even finished so I keep a lot in but I am working on it. I was up late last night just thinking to myself how empty I felt and how I got my hopes up waiting on a phone call that never happened. Loving someone is supposed to make you feel full right? So why was I afraid? I don’t ever wanna be that person who runs away from love because my first love wasn’t quite right. It should of been over but I kept fighting it. I would tell myself maybe the timing isn’t right and we’ll eventually get back together its been like a constant battle but guess what? That battle will be shortly over and I mean soon. I can’t wait to start fresh and start dating again and maybe I’ll get what I really desire once I stop hurting myself.. There’s so much more to look forward to that I’ve been completely avoiding the bigger picture… I have so much love in my life right now for myself, from my family, and friends. I shouldn’t need to be thinking about what I feel like love has taken away from me but what love has given me. I need to take this time to be fully aware and to love myself, and everyone in my life unconditionally and the love that’s already harvesting will be in season when I am ready! I know my deepest darkest desires will be fulfilled when the time is right I just grow a little impatient sometimes but I know that it will be worth the wait because the universe is always listening and we never go through what we can’t handle.. Just thought I’d share some real emotions..


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