Morning thought.

Honestly…. some days I think I really hold back as a writer and others I get completely absorbed. I love that moment where I feel inspired and I just go haywire and write. It’s funny a few days ago I was talking to one of my buddies from work and I was just watching him its like I stepped outside of myself and watched us as we had our conversation. I was timid as always, blushing, but really into the moment and he? His eyes were completely locked I swear that its rare that I ever have people who are really listening to me or maybe that’s in my head? But anyways I’m getting beside the point he really inspired me so as I’m working right? I have all these words running through my head my bosses are out in front of me eating as I am supposed to be “writing temps” I say fuck the temps and grab this napkin and started writing like a madman I was completely in my zone in a crowd full of people I found myself in my writing in that moment and I think it’s moments like that when I exercise my talent and go off of instinct that some of my best writing comes about. Seriously it’s like a book in my mind everything that I do I kind of twist it into a story literally. I’m a fiction writer but sometimes I confuse myself with some of my characters to get a better outcome.. which is why I watch people I watch everything, I’m just very curious and I feel like writers we thrive off of experiences we can’t really become a well rounded writer without them which brought me to my next conclusion! I’ve reached my experimenting stage and I now know that’s probably because of young age and curiosity and it made me realize I want to go all the way with my writing and I won’t look back I’m going to keep going and I will make it as a successful fiction writer/poet.


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