Quest to Tranquility…

I saw myself running

Running towards a life of destruction

Until I stopped myself I told myself it was over and there was no need to keep running from me

If I wanted to be free you know completely liberated? I had to stop being the enemy…

I needed to learn to trust myself if I ever wanted to be happy

So I begin to rely on my intuition

It hurt a lot but made everything that was so foggy seem clear

And the light that was so very dim drew a little near

I never thought a light so bright could appear in my world of unhappiness

 Immediately I was thrown

The light grew brighter and I begin to see my life ahead

I couldn’t decipher between the two paths.. Was my mind playing tricks on me?

I had an option I could live out a life filled with fantasy

Or I could be realistic and find nothing but pain, misery, and a life filled with broken dreams

I saw myself going down the wrong path

Life yanked me and showed me that I should never put myself last

And there I was again looking for my path

I started running again…. towards a light I think they called it Ascension

A life filled with fantasy, dreams bigger than mountains, and streams that flowed like your happiest cry

It was a place where I uncovered my broken wings

I remebered the last moment like it was yesterday I was staring at myself and repeated aloud

“I can’t be my biggest enemy”

I didn’t want to live in a world of unhappiness where my broken dreams are a reflection of who I always wanted to be

I stopped beating myself up and allied with my inner enemy

Aligned with my higher self as I continued the quest to Tranquility


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