You guys ever feel like everything that you’re going through is usually like an inner self problem or conflict? It has nothing to do with the outside world it’s all internal like a way to force you to sit with yourself and really figure yourself out. I came to this realization: people move in hopes of getting away from their demons which isn’t possible if you haven’t sat down with yourself yet. I’m not saying I’m a meditating pro but I’m definitely trying to get better. I’m literally at the stage in my life where I’m freaked out/excited/emotional/ and adventurous all in one. It’s weird… You ask me about my writing? Ahhh its coming along just fine. You ask me about my love life? Yeah I’m very confused don’t know what I want I even came to the conclusion that I don’t want to be monogamous for awhile. You ask me about my life? Well as far as school goes I’m working on getting this figured out. I just want to take complete responsibility for my life. Sure it’s scary being an adult but its okay to be afraid I’m young and I will make mistakes and everyone needs to realise that ya know? Like we’re only human we can’t have that picture perfect lifestyle. I’m just looking forward to everything ahead of me. This may be a little off ha I’m soooooo freaking tired yo :’/


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