A Room with a view

The smell of burning wood filled my nostrils as I laid on the cotton like grass. The Oregon air masked me with an overwhelming bliss filled with peace. It was unlike anything I had ever seen! The beautiful daring architecture that swept the streets made me even consider a career in that field. As I walked through the neighborhood I felt as if I could start a family there. The thought of kids and a husband never crossed my mind much until I got there. It was such a friendly inviting place filled with peoples deepest dreams and desires. I begin to wonder had they even been met yet? Even though I begin to doubt such circumstances I decided to walk back over to the field,I lit up some cannabis and begin swaying in the warm crisp air as I watched the birds fly down to encourage me with their embrace. This was a place filled with love and nothing but peace and happiness this was seriously a writers true get away. I didn’t know a lot about love until I found this place my passion for writing grew immensely as I sat here desiring such a forbidden getaway.

The reason I choose to be teleported to Oregon was because of the movie The Wait starring Jena Malone and Chloe Sevigny. It’s a story about two sisters who just lost their mom and one sisters grows to believe that her mothers spirit will come back if they wrap her body, keep it preserved, and if I remember correctly leave the windows closed. It was actually a very confusing peaceful movie I watched it twice with my mom because we couldn’t understand it lol. But Jena Malone would lay in the grass and you’d swear to god she’d found euphoria in those moments as she laid with her eyes closed breathing in the Oregon air. I talked about the forest fires because they showed one in the movie, also I couldn’t get over the houses I watch house hunters a lot and I’m really into the structure and design of houses so that really put the icing on the cake. The movie was such a beautiful mystery masterpiece I think everyone should see it! The thought of that movie brings me to complete Nirvana and I must visit that place! When I think of Oregon I think of everything that I declared forbidden for a 21 year old.


2 thoughts on “A Room with a view

    • Lone April 7, 2015 / 2:43 pm

      Thanks, I was hoping I did the assignment right. Your words are encouraging! 🙂

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