Assignment 3

I typically listen to a lot of underground, old, and indie music so it was kind of hard to really choose three songs that are really important in my life because I’m such a huge music lover. I love music!! But I narrowed it down a bit and here’s what I have :

We All Try by Frank Ocean

In this song Frank just breaks down a lot things that we’ve been taught to believe and goes against what we were told and disagrees with it. I like the song so much because even with all the lies and confusion we go through in society he is still saying that we should try to believe in something. I’m not religious or anything like that so I took the song as somewhat as a motivator. I feel like I’ve been so lost and misguided at times in my life and when listening to this song it seems as though everything is right in that moment.

Didn’t Cha Know by Erykah Badu

Is a very inspirational song . I love everything about Erykah Badu her voice soothes and relaxes my soul she puts me in such a relaxed state. my favorite part of the song would be the break down

“So when I stumble off my path I know my heart will guide me back”

The past few months has  actually been the toughest time I’ve ever had in a very long time. Last semester was a terrible semester for me I passed all my classes except one and I wasn’t as into them as I should of been, I was forced to take a semester off because I was irresponsible with my finances, and I had to move back home to Ohio a place I didn’t want to see again. And I was all around really depressed.

Looking back on the past few months and seeing my growth has helped me realize I’ve truly listened to my heart and stuck out the situation even though I felt I was at my lowest but now I am in such a better place. I just moved to Nevada, and I’m focusing on my career as a writer the semester off really helped me gain a lot and learn a lot more. So back to the line above “So when I stumble off my path I know my heart will guide me back” resonates with me very well because I truly feel like that’s what happened. I really had to sit down with myself and see what I really wanted. Life slowed me down and forced me to listen and what do you know here I am up and running better than ever!

The last song I picked is :

My World by Kid Cudi

He is basically talking about his life throughout highschool, the type of kid he was, and how nobody really believed in him and his dream as an artist. If you’ve never listened to Kid Cudi this would be a good time to start he’s such an inspirational artist! He’s so positive!  Oh and about the rough couple of months I’ve been through that I mentioned above his music helped me so much through that time. When I felt so low I’d turn his music on and he’d just talk about going and following your dreams, never looking back, and not listening to what anyone says about you basically fuck everyone who isn’t down to support you.

As an artist I can totally relate I’ve already expressed a million times how some people I know are really against my writing career but I’m not really listening to anyone but myself when it comes to my dreams because at the end of the day I will have to live with the choices I made not anybody else but me.

I hope I did the assignment right!


4 thoughts on “Assignment 3

  1. TK April 8, 2015 / 10:15 am

    Cool selections, I don’t know any of them, but your descriptions made me look forward to listening to them when I get the chance. Good luck with the writing and with getting through the tough times, everything happens for a reason 🙂

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    • Lone April 8, 2015 / 12:42 pm

      Thank you soooo much! And I’m a believer in that saying myself.


  2. Mr PKK April 8, 2015 / 9:34 pm

    I like the first two selection of music and well said on how you describe them. Those artists are my favorite

    Liked by 1 person

  3. imthebeginning April 9, 2015 / 2:05 am

    Keep on believing in your dreams. I recently had people tell me that I would never succeed at my dreams of being an artist, but I’m not letting them discourage me. I’m happy that you aren’t either. As long as we give it our all, I’m sure we’ll both be successful at doing the things that we love

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