Pure Leaf Green Tea

I bet you guys are probably wondering why I titled this post pure leaf green tea and maybe you aren’t thinking about it at all. Although honestly I must say they have some really good tea. I haven’t posted anything personal in a couple days and wanna know why? I got nothing… I’m sure you guys don’t wanna hear about my late nights and mid mornings. I’m finally getting adjusted to Nevada’s time which is good 🙂 . But really this week has been a good one started the week off with an interview, today I had an over the phone interview, and tomorrow I have another interview. This moving process is almost a piece of cake except the fact that I’ve been living off of a handful of clothes since I got here (hey I’m not complaining cartoons wear the same clothes everyday) at least I’m fortunate I get to switch them up a bit. Ha! No seriously I can’t wait for the rest of my clothes to get here I’m dying. If I have to repeat the same clothes for another week I might actually vomit. It’s not so bad though I just wanna see some more clothes in my life that’s all! I really do like Las Vegas and the area that I live in which would be Summerlin everyone is really friendly out here a nice welcoming environment. You know what made me even more excited? I can take Kendall in like almost any store now. At first (being that we lived in Ohio and we had to drive everywhere) I couldn’t take him into any establishments but now he’s welcomed everywhere. Which is a big plus! I have a really big issue with excluding him because I don’t look at Kendall as my dog or pet I look at him like another human being really. Anyways I just thought I’d amuse you all for a minute because in the voice that I am typing this in I feel like it’s very humorous when it probably isn’t at all. Well Forman and his pals are calling my name which means I must indulge in some That 70s Show. (newest addition) ever since I finished Charmed and The L Word. It feels good to belong to something. Okay done with the rambling… Goodnight folks! Have a great day tomorrow! 🙂


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