Day 11

When I was 12 I was a very adventurous girl more like a tomboy. I grew up in a five bedroom home within a very small town that seemed large at the time. The house consisted of my mom, step dad, sister, baby brother, and my two stepbrothers on the weekend. Making the world our playground my sister, buddies around the neighborhood, and I set out on multiple quests.Climbing trees. Riding our bikes through the forbidden trails. And playing tether ball at the end of the streets from a homemade concoction: putting a ball in a few plastic grocery bags, tying a shoe string through the loops of the bag and tying it to the pole. It was on!! We’d sit on the edge of the broken concrete in anticipation as we eagerly waited our turns.

Being the “fortunate kids” in the neighborhood we always had a yard full of kids. It seemed that my sister and I weren’t only liked by the other children in the neighborhood but we also had another admirer. Her name was Ms. King. She was an older woman who lived across the street from us. We’d sit and shoot the breeze with her for a few awhile and leave with a bag full of goodies. This has taken me back a bit. She was a very nice lady, who at the time may have been lonely but being so oblivious with young age my sister and I hadn’t paid any attention.

Riding my bike through the alleyways as my sister was tied to the back holding on gliding in her roller skates we’d always pass this house with a dog who barked angrily as if he didn’t want us to have fun. I remember the kid Nathaniel who lived there. Knocking on his door his mother would reply he was never allowed to come out and play. The neighborhood was nice but there was some areas in town that were off limits. But. Being kids we’d challenge our parents, which is how my bike got stolen. Luckily, it wasn’t stolen for long. My step dad walked around the whole town until he found the culprit who got his dirty paws on my bike.

It was easy to get my bike back because you see my step dad was a very liked man in our small town. (still is to this day) He was very active within the community which is probably why no one really messed with us except “the bad kids”. Growing up in a neighborhood within a very small town had it perks. Because being 12 you never see any of the negative stuff only the good.Then you grow up.


One thought on “Day 11

  1. e April 20, 2015 / 4:43 am

    “Because being 12 you never see any of the negative stuff only the good.Then you grow up.” Great dismount and I also liked the line about the dog barking angrily if he didn’t want you to have any fun. I could see that. You painted the picture well.

    Good stuff…


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