Sibling Love

“I just don’t wanna not be close to Leesa”

My sister and I have the closest bond ever. (We’re a year apart) and ever since I moved to Nevada we’ve been talking but conversations have been a little shorter than usual.

As I heard the words last night they pierced my soul. My sister is literally my other half and I can’t imagine life without her ever. After our conversation I then had a dream about her and my baby brother (he’s 11) I’m the oldest of us 3.

Dream: We were in my car and two guys were robbing us and one had a gun. Now I’m very overprotective of my siblings so I did everything in power to protect them. Long story short we lived and the robbers got taken care of .

But it’s moments like these that help me realize how close and how much I love my siblings they are my life literally.


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