Day 18- Hone Your POV

     I was sitting on my stoop like I usually do to escape the madness of my home. My folks ran a boarding house to stay caught up on the bills so as you could imagine it got pretty hectic. Being the only child sitting on the stoop and people watching was my only muse. But on this particular day I learned just how cruel people could actually be. Mrs. Pauley was the nicest lady I’d ever met, she lived across the street from us and always offered my friends and I cookies. We accepted naturally out of kindness. If you want to know the truth her cookies were terrible. But anyways I’m getting sidetracked as usual my mom says it’ll be the death of me. Whatever that means…

I saw two police officers and the landlord knock on Mrs. Pauley’s door until she finally answered. I heard Mrs. Pauley shouting and that shocked the hell out of me because I’d never heard her raise her voice in my whole time of living in the neighborhood. I heard her expressing to the landlord and officers that she had nowhere else to go. But they refused to argue and barged right into her home so she had no choice but to walk behind them. The police officers begin bringing some of her belongings onto the sidewalk. Surprised at what was taking place I went into my house to get my dad.

Dad! We have to do something, we can’t just let them put an old lady out on the streets its inethical. Plus this isn’t just any old lady it’s Mrs. Pauley!!


What?! Really??  As my dad peaked out the window and begin to fix his attention back on me


It’s unethical and I understand your concern but David there’s nothing we can do.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing my dad was like my hero and to see that he wasn’t going to do anything I knew I had to take matters into my own hands but what? I’m only a 12 year old boy. I decided to go watch and see what else was happening when it occurred to me I had about 40 bucks saved up. I went and grabbed it from under my sock drawer and rushed over across the street.

You can’t put her out, look Mrs. Pauley!! I have money so you won’t have to leave us I have 40 bucks!!


Look kid get lost we don’t need you coming over here distracting us we got too much going on.


Oh leave him alone Charlie he’s just a kid!

said Mrs.Pauley

She assured me that she was alright and told me to keep my money and that she’d find somewhere else to go before the day ended. I went back across the street and tried to come up with more ways to save Mrs. Pauley and her home but I ran out of ideas. I begin crying because I didn’t know what to do. It was super depressing seeing an older woman who never harmed a fly be put out of her home. What I couldn’t understand is if everyone in this got damn neighborhood loved Mrs. Pauley so much why weren’t they helping her out? I went back inside and brought the question up to my dad and he sat and thought hard about this and stormed out of the house. My dad went across the street and begin talking to Mrs. Pauley and the landlord. And the strangest thing happened the officers and landlord walked out of Mrs. Pauley’s house got in their cars and rode away. I knew my dad was a scary man but to get two officers to leave? I knew he had to have said something.

My dad offered to pay Mrs. Pauley’s rent since she had no steady income. The landlord was reluctant at first and finally agreed to my fathers offer. Mrs. Pauley was staying and my dad remained my hero. He came across the street and thanked and told me he admired me for not giving up on something that I believed in. He also told me to go across the street and help Mrs. Pauley put her belongings back into her house I wasn’t to thrilled about that part but I was excited that she was staying.

It takes courage to do what you did today especially for someone your age and I just want to say thank you for saving the day.

Oh no problem Mrs. Pauley we’re friends, now how about some cookies?




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