Free Write

Everyday she’d sit at the park enjoying the scenery talking with nature. Sometimes it seemed as if nature were her only friend. She had so much to say with very few people to share it with more so she was satisfied with everyone in her life it was just that she longed for a companion. Someone that would raise her spirits when she felt as if she had nothing left. It didn’t have to be romantic all the time just someone she could watch the trees with and stir up meaninglessness intellectual conversation.

Someone to make her feel less lonely in such an empty world. She longed for someone she could share her world with and her perspective on things. Movies, songs, books they all had their idea of the way love was supposed to go but Luna had her own vision. Love in this world was shallow nobody really knew what it meant in fact she didn’t even know what it meant but she was reluctant to come up with her own meaning. She wanted to feel the joy birds felt as they sang in sync with the trees blowing in the wind.

The harmony the calmness she thought that’s how love should feel all the time. That feeling you can’t explain when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed pull your blinds up and the beauty of the sun takes you to a different place. That was love and the more she thought about it the more the idea of what love was to her seemed to fade like a distant memory within her forbidden dreams.


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