Last night I was having a nice little walk with my dog Ken and when I’m outside especially at night. I usually talk aloud and get everything off my mind that I’ve thought about throughout the entire day so this goes on for awhile just sharing my day and concerns and then out of nowhere this question forms in my mind : what do you want from life? How do you see it? And I really had to think about it for a moment but what came to my mind was that I want to share my life with everyone. I just want to give back. I want to save enough money to the point that I have no worries and I can just travel the world and focus on my writing. I want to take care of my family and then just really get close to myself really feel myself out you know? I wanna discover things, I wanna grow mentally, physically, spiritually and I wanna let go . Its funny I was talking to my uncle about this and he says : oh sounds like you’re ready for monkville” lol. But I dont necessarily see it that way at all . I just want to see so many things. I just recentlt finished Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room and wow is all I could say. I want to evolve to that level of writing. Another thing I actually changed my blog name to the metamorphosis of lone because I see myself going through many changes just moving completely forward in my life. I don’t mean to put pressure on myself but by the time im 30 I want to be comfortable enough to travel t h e entire world so that gives me ahhh say 9 years. Wow I wonder what my life will be 9 years from now? Will I still be alive 9 years from now? Wow that’s interesting. I sorta can’t wait to find out . Lol but this is me just ranting 🙂


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