3:33pm free write

I was beginning to wonder was it second nature to try and fix the things that are broken as I watched the couple hold onto the illusion of a perfect relationship. They weren’t happy and you could hear the forced “I love you” in her voice as the man fought for what was. He had been going through a very difficult time and the only way he knew how to make himself feel better was by dominating. He didn’t know how to be weak because in this society you were looked down upon for showing any type of unmanly emotions. The more he tried to control her the more and more she began to pull away. She loved him but begin to feel like that wasn’t enough. Where was the spark,where was the anticipation? She knew the relationship was over but tried to disguise it with only being a phase.

As I sat there trying to understand what I had seen, watching the lies forming into secret goodbyes. I knew their fate.


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