Day Two : Take control of your title and tagline

Wellllllll since I recently just changed the name of my blog I’ll just go ahead and tell you all the meaning behind it. The Metamorphosis of Lone is basically just a way to share my evolution or transition from my old mindset to a new mindset or even I guess to a certain degree a new way of life. So much has happened and changed in my life so fast I can see the growth and I’d love to share all my growth via blog. So as I grow people will get to read about my life and how it changes. I see my life as the evolution of a butterfly really going through all four stages so I only thought it was right that my blog be named the metamorphosis of lone because lone is someone totally different from Loneesa. Loneesa is quiet, shy, and introverted. As I begin to come into lone lone is relentless, lone doesn’t care, she just goes for it, lone is the true definition of a leader. And lone is someone that I’ve always tried to be I just didn’t know how, well……. I just didn’t think I was ready. I remind myself of a butterfly a lot of the time. Which is where metamorphosis comes from. So there you have it folks the theme or reason behind my title.


6 thoughts on “Day Two : Take control of your title and tagline

      1. Same, its always good to meet a new group of friends via blog since we already have that one thing in common. Just another community of other writers its pretty cool!!

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