A Manual of Occultism

Historic Occult

Cover page for "A Manual of Occultism" Cover page for “A Manual of Occultism”

There were many informational books about the occult published in the late 19th and early 20th century.  Quite a few of these books were about how to perform occult activities, such as stage hypnotism, tarot readings and this week’s more general text “A Manual of Occultism.”  With chapters on astrology, palmistry, occult arts, and alchemy this 300 page book is a relatively comprehensive resource on the discussed activities.

Dublin Core Metadata

Title: A manual of occultism

Creator: Sepharial, 1864-1929

Subject: “Astrology” “Palmistry” “Hypnotism” “Alchemy”

Description: An early 20th century manual on astrology, palmistry, hypnotism and alchemy.

Publisher: William Rider & Son, Ltd.

Date: 1914

Type: text

Format: pdf

Source: Internet Archive. https://archive.org/details/manualofoccultis01seph

Language: English

Rights: No copyright page found

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