It’s like every time I say I’m back I never stay lol. But seriously everyone I’m back! It’s been a rough couple of weeks ever since I moved into my apartment but it’s smooth sailing now.

Vegas has been treating me really well… I’m learning how to network and connect with people (the right people at that) because I feel like that’s what life is about. Living, celebrating, and being happy. Celebrating your existence and doing as much in this world that you can possibly do. Aside from trying to find/figure out your destiny. I’ve been sitting around planning and planning things and then I realized why sit and plan things when you can just do it!

That’s something that I’ve been struggling with a lot lately. I don’t know where or how it happened it’s like I was at a standstill….frozen…and then I was reborn. Kinda like Neo in the matrix.. I promise to dedicate myself to my writing, and blog. I promise to never let myself down like that again.

I’m going to remove the word “try” out of my vocabulary and continue to press on.

I hope that you all are having a great night! Be groovy everyone 🙂


A push .

So I’m lazy on here to :/ I’ve been cursed with laziness! The flame within me went out but now I’m shining brighter than ever!! I met a girl some time back and she’s a hair stylist, I kept telling myself that I’d eventually contact her and get her information from my aunt because I lost the card she gave me. I had been collecting hair cards from just about anyone who had one and just throwing them into this shoe box that I have (where I keep my personal letters etc) so I found it and decided that I would contact her because I wanted to treat myself  (get my hair done). So I set up and appointment and she came to do my hair.

Right off the bat she was very bubbly, smiling, and super happy I loved her energy she’s such a beautiful person. But carrying on she and I begin to talk and I noticed we had a lot in common and I just vibed with her. She’s super excited to have her opening for her very own salon so talking to her really motivated me in a very good way. And I’ve been enjoying her company for the past couple of days.

Meeting her just put things into perspective. Its so much that I want to do I decided to sit down at my kitchen table and write everything out….I eventually put everything onto paper and posted it on my bulletin board.. now EVERYDAY it’ll be there to remind me that I always have something to be working on. 

But seriously…. I can say I’ve been shown the real and as long as you keep (yourself (god) (whatever you want to call it) first everything in your life will always work out in your favor every time. Keep your heads high . Worry less, and know that its always done. Life will give you everything you need and more.


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Yours, mines, and hers it didn’t matter she was never comfortable in it. Was something wrong with her? Out of the many years of her existence she never felt confident. She begin to wonder why… Are my thighs to big? Am I to tall? Is my stomach pudgy? Is everyone looking at me? Did they see my eye cross? But when she was alone she felt like she didn’t have to worry she could just be. No one from the outside looking in, no one to criticize her. When she’s alone she can rejoice, she can sing, she can dance, she can be anything she wanted to be. And why? Because she’s free to discover herself. On the outside world people seem to know exactly who they are but in fact who they are isn’t even who they really want to be. Its all pretend, this “real world” its nothing but a figment. But these are the things that she sees. Egoistic people running the scenes, pretending to be happy because all they seek is greed, money, power, and prestige, but all that together is really just intellect. What if she told you instead of intellect it should be intelligence? Intelligence comes from the heart, so if there were more intelligent people than intellectual people everyone could be free. Free to dream, free to breathe, free to love, free to be whomever they were intended to be. But instead man rather have it easy. Politics over love. So in this world she’ll never be free, free to be in yours, mines, or her true skin…. naturally. 

Sunday Funday

So I moved into my apartment exactly one week ago and so far I like it! Just my dog and I for now but all in all I actually enjoy having my own place but boy can I tell ya it does get a little lonely sometimes but that’s me just thinking about the negatives of being alone and single. I’ve been reading a lot of Osho’s books and I’ve been assured that loneliness is perfectly okay because once you can find that happiness in your loneliness you become comfortable in your aloneness, basically loneliness and aloneness are different. Loneliness would be that feeling of being alone and not being okay with it while aloneness is basically being content in your loneliness. I suffer with being alone I actually hate it tb quite honest but I think this is something that I must face on my own and once I do I’ll be fine. Its seriously not a big deal I just think as humans we make being alone a big deal. I’m learning to be thankful and grateful for my alone time and peace. And I hope to grow in my seclusion, closer to myself and closer to my inner being.