Sunday Funday

So I moved into my apartment exactly one week ago and so far I like it! Just my dog and I for now but all in all I actually enjoy having my own place but boy can I tell ya it does get a little lonely sometimes but that’s me just thinking about the negatives of being alone and single. I’ve been reading a lot of Osho’s books and I’ve been assured that loneliness is perfectly okay because once you can find that happiness in your loneliness you become comfortable in your aloneness, basically loneliness and aloneness are different. Loneliness would be that feeling of being alone and not being okay with it while aloneness is basically being content in your loneliness. I suffer with being alone I actually hate it tb quite honest but I think this is something that I must face on my own and once I do I’ll be fine. Its seriously not a big deal I just think as humans we make being alone a big deal. I’m learning to be thankful and grateful for my alone time and peace. And I hope to grow in my seclusion, closer to myself and closer to my inner being.


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