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Yours, mines, and hers it didn’t matter she was never comfortable in it. Was something wrong with her? Out of the many years of her existence she never felt confident. She begin to wonder why… Are my thighs to big? Am I to tall? Is my stomach pudgy? Is everyone looking at me? Did they see my eye cross? But when she was alone she felt like she didn’t have to worry she could just be. No one from the outside looking in, no one to criticize her. When she’s alone she can rejoice, she can sing, she can dance, she can be anything she wanted to be. And why? Because she’s free to discover herself. On the outside world people seem to know exactly who they are but in fact who they are isn’t even who they really want to be. Its all pretend, this “real world” its nothing but a figment. But these are the things that she sees. Egoistic people running the scenes, pretending to be happy because all they seek is greed, money, power, and prestige, but all that together is really just intellect. What if she told you instead of intellect it should be intelligence? Intelligence comes from the heart, so if there were more intelligent people than intellectual people everyone could be free. Free to dream, free to breathe, free to love, free to be whomever they were intended to be. But instead man rather have it easy. Politics over love. So in this world she’ll never be free, free to be in yours, mines, or her true skin…. naturally. 

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