A push .

So I’m lazy on here to :/ I’ve been cursed with laziness! The flame within me went out but now I’m shining brighter than ever!! I met a girl some time back and she’s a hair stylist, I kept telling myself that I’d eventually contact her and get her information from my aunt because I lost the card she gave me. I had been collecting hair cards from just about anyone who had one and just throwing them into this shoe box that I have (where I keep my personal letters etc) so I found it and decided that I would contact her because I wanted to treat myself  (get my hair done). So I set up and appointment and she came to do my hair.

Right off the bat she was very bubbly, smiling, and super happy I loved her energy she’s such a beautiful person. But carrying on she and I begin to talk and I noticed we had a lot in common and I just vibed with her. She’s super excited to have her opening for her very own salon so talking to her really motivated me in a very good way. And I’ve been enjoying her company for the past couple of days.

Meeting her just put things into perspective. Its so much that I want to do I decided to sit down at my kitchen table and write everything out….I eventually put everything onto paper and posted it on my bulletin board.. now EVERYDAY it’ll be there to remind me that I always have something to be working on. 

But seriously…. I can say I’ve been shown the real and as long as you keep (yourself (god) (whatever you want to call it) first everything in your life will always work out in your favor every time. Keep your heads high . Worry less, and know that its always done. Life will give you everything you need and more.


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