To be honest I’ve learned and met so many different people now that I am living out on my own. I can say that I’m truly grateful for it. Talking to different kinds of people and trying to learn and take as much as I can from any experience.

I keep saying this but only because its true. I want my life to be full, exciting, and filled with the things that I enjoy the most and I don’t want anyone to slow that down for me which is probably why I can’t come to the conclusion of being in a relationship or not.

The love that I encounter may or may not be permanent but I’ve learned that temporary love is okay too.

Being able to see the world from my own eyes and no one elses is truly a blessing. I know that there is much more to come. Far more than what I am experiencing now. I’m reaching for the stars from here on out and I want to get my hands into a bit of everything! I’m happy with the way things are going even though I may not be fully satisfied at the moment but I’m still creating my life still finding myself through the madness. I believe that everyone I’ve met has definitely been for a reason and it’ll only progress.

So I say to anyone who is reading this even if your life seems like it’s not where you want it to be right now just enjoy it and be happy. Be content in your life this is the only life you’ll remember even if reincarnation is real or not live your LIFE  the way you’d like and don’t worry about what anyone has to say about it. That’s all its about. Do what makes you happy and go for whatever is burning in your heart.

You don’t like the way things are going? Change it and don’t wait for a second there’s so much to see.

Much love guys!


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