Yesterday I went to Bauman Rare books and I was completely blown away by what was in there. So many old, different books some I heard of some I hadn’t heard of but the experience was much more for me. When I’m surrounded by books sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed because there’s so much to choose from so many different journeys to go on. I really see reading as another form of traveling and here’s why:

When you’re reading you see the world from a whole different perspective you’re front row in someone else’s life and the journey is always unexpected for them and for you. That’s why I always say I don’t only wanna travel through books but also through my life..

For some reason oddly traveling has really been on my mind more than it usually is….Last night I was watching the Wild Thornberrys movie and I forgot how much I really enjoyed that show it made me feel alive (not saying that I never do). But Eliza inspired me she had a destiny she had something she had to do and she stopped at nothing to make it happen.

Now I know no one is ever really certain of their destiny or what this life holds for them but its fun to just flow with life and enjoy it. I think that a lot of people are way too serious and maybe that’s part of them being unhappy.

Look not quite sure where I’m going with this but all I wanna say is read more, love more, live more, travel more, challenge things, and have fun in your life. There’s too much out here to take advantage of.


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