Ahhhh, my day is coming to an end . You know even though I’ve been doing this blogging thing for awhile I still never really know what to say or what I should talk about because if I talk about my life chances are I may bore you all to death unless some of you guys think I’m pretty cool. I’ll basically just say whatever comes to mind and how I feel about certain situations that arise. Other than that my first week of classes were really good, I think for the most part I’m really going to enjoy my world literature class and Anthropology.

Something that also came to my mind is that I think we as human beings make it seem like life is so difficult and hard you know? We can do anything we put our mind to if we’re really willing (well that’s how I see it).

I’ve also been wondering if I’ve been serious enough but you know what I think about being serious? It kind of takes the fun out of life really if you’re just dull, and realistic.

I’m rambling because I was two days late on a post so I’ll catch you guys later in the day when I have something important to say (laugh now).

Okay, bye 🙂


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