Monday .

Hey everyone! How are you all? I’m doing well just at the work place once again. I don’t know if I ever told you guys what I do but basically I’m a sales associate/photographer on Fremont for the zip and zoomline (its not as cool as it sounds) the pay isn’t super great but hey it pays the bills, its not like I’m looking for a career at this very moment anyways. Aren’t we supposed to have shitty jobs at the prime of our youth and look back on it in the future when we’re making real money? (If that’s not the case then my mom sure did lie to me). Anywho my day has been pretty alright but I’d much rather be at home with some hot chocolate, a blanket, and a book. Speaking of books I haven’t got the chance to crack open Frankenstein because I have to read for classes 😕 now I’m not complaining but I’m just saying I really enjoyed reading in my free time. Well I just completely lost my tran of thought because I had to get someone a go pro so that threw my whole focus off :/ I’ll be back.


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