It amazes me how in our lives we have the ability to change whatever we want if we don’t like it. It’s like always having a reset button on life or a do over button whichever you prefer to call it. but, I told you all about my job on Fremont and how it was pretty cool well I’ve finally reached that boiling point of wanting to quit and I finally did (well not just yet) but I got a new job today and I’m pretty excited about it! Today has been a good day all around.


But the whole reason for me bringing this up is to tell you guys if you are doing something that you don’t like don’t keep doing it if it doesn’t make you happy. We were created to mess up and start over and over again. We have so many different paths, and choices to make it just all depends on what you want, and what you are willing to do to change things in your life.


I didn’t really want much but to just drop off that piece of good news and a little piece of motivation. 🙂 so have a great beautiful day!


It would be a lot easier if people weren’t so judgemental. You ever have that moment where you just want to talk to someone anyone and the best person to talk to in that scenario is a stranger? Yeah that’s the situation I’m in right now there’s a lot going on in my mind and I just want to escape it all .

Why is everything so easy yet so hard? Why is it easier to be sad than to be happy? Why is it easier to lie rather than to tell the truth? Seriously the world is so backwards at all times. (I’m not like super depressed or anything) but there’s a lot about life that I don’t understand and here I am again battling everything in my mind.