Travi$ Scott Rodeo Tour

March 8, 2015  would be the day I’d experience something much more greater than anything in my life. It would be the day that I would finally see Travi$ Scott in concert. Instead of watching videos of the rage via YouTube I would experience the chaos first hand, it would be the day that my perception of this generation would alter. Traveling four hours away from Cincinnati, OH to Chicago, IL  it would be an adventure my sister and I would never forget. Arriving in Chicago mid noon we didn’t know what to expect weather wise, after getting off the bus the sky was rather inviting to the sun and to our surprise the weather was a bit fair. We proceeded to hail a cab which was actually easier than what the movies made it seem. Feeling a little uneasy as we walked up to the cab my sister and I hesitated and bickered back and forth about who would sit in the front. You know new city and all, and not knowing anyone neither of us were trying to take any risks so I made the argument easier by hopping in the backseat. To our surprise the cab driver was super cool until later we realized he ripped us off.


Arriving to our hotel we decided to kill some time by walking around the city. We were amazed at how different everything had been. We were only four hours away from home and in so little time so much had changed already. Dogs were invited everywhere. Stores, advertisements, loud noises, cabs, buses, and a very diverse crowd of people filled the city. We’d never seen anything like this in our lives! We walked around in amazement, everyone was nice which was shocking because of all the negative stereotypes we heard about Chicago. Admiring the scenery, architecture, and restaurants we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. We wanted to arrive a little early so that we wouldn’t have to stand all the way in the back of the line. Pssssst! Boy did that plan backfire on us.


Pulling up to Concord Hall all eyes we on us for about ten seconds. There were already four different lines formed and we made our way to the end of that one. There weren’t many girls there at all. My sister and I already feeling a bit out of place; I remember feeling a little above average considering my social status amongst my peers. It was like we were on  the set of a Supreme fashion show. A lot of the guys rocking the NYC apparel I forgot I was in Chicago. The trend these days in my opinion seems to be a little more edgier, all black clothing, pierced nose, or eyebrows, and interesting hair cuts. Waiting in line with my sister for almost two hours in anticipation I felt the cannabis fading away. Growing impatient as my sister begin to count down every minute the day seemed to almost drag. Until a couple of us spotted Metro Boomin heading back to his trailer and I was riled back in with excitement.


It was finally 6o’clock which meant the doors were going to be opening soon and an hour and a half till showtime. Security begin calling all girls to the front of the line and let us in first. The venue was a hell of a lot bigger than I expected because I always felt that Travi$ Scott was a littler underrated and whenever I mentioned his name to others no one ever knew who he was. Which by the way never stopped me from being an adoring fan. As we walked up to check in I remember feeling violated as the lady security guard frisked me up and down as she begin to pull everything out of my purse. Walking up the steps the room which was already occupied by other fans. Music was playing and everyone was just standing around with their friends socializing and amping themselves up even more.


I remember a guy was so persistent to get my sister and I away from him. He expressed in the strongest way possible that we weren’t ready for the rage and he was going to get crazy the minute Travi$ Scott walked on stage. Naturally we ignored him and kept on waiting until finally Metro Boomin walked out and begin his set in his attempt to crank the crowd up even more and to my surprise it actually worked, playing majority of Chief Keef, Future, and Gucci Mane the crowd went wild. I myself not being a huge fan of the three just bobbed my head back and forth. That’s when it got quiet as we waited for Yung Thug to come out and perform not being a huge fan of him I begin to fake the thrill of seeing him jump out on stage he performed his singles Stoner, Lifestyle, Pass the hookah and other songs.


Finally! I was the moment we had all been waiting on Travi$ would be walking on stage at any moment and I was already preparing myself mentally and physically for what was about to happen.


He started off with the songs High Fashion ft. Future, Blessings by Big Sean, Drake, Kanye West, All Day by Kanye West, and Know Yourself by Drake. As we all were turned up on the latest music.  I felt the beat drop to one of my favorite songs Uptown. He immediately went crazy jumping up and down and running up and down the stage you cold literally see the chaos in his eyes. He was a very serious entertainer. He performed Quintana, Skyfall, Sloppy Toppy, Grey and many others from his latest release Days Before Rodeo. All in all I was very impressed. At one I recall him saying

I wanna see the rage in all your motherfucking eyes


And at that moment I knew he meant it. There were blunts passed throughout the crowd and to me what I believed was molly water as the tossed bottles of water on us. The thrill, excitement, and acceptance I felt that night could never be taken away and I knew it. The crowd was very diverse and no violence whatsoever. That concert changed my life for the better and from that day I gained a new respect for Travi$ Scott.






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